Monday, August 15, 2011

Today Was the Beginning

Sunday night, my little Willy boy went to bed very early. He was tired and wanted to rest up for the big day today -- waterworks at preschool. I could only think that my "big" Willy boy, Dad, would be going to bed (relatively) early as well to also get up early for his big day today.

Today Dad began his radiation and chemotherapy. It was a long, grueling day beginning at the crack of dawn for lab work, doctors meetings and then his radiation treatment followed by a full day of chemo. When I talked with him this evening, I could tell he was grateful to have one day under his belt and that he was happy to be home. Tomorrow he will make the trek once again to the Cleveland Clinic for more radiation and chemo and there are many more days and weeks of treatment to come. But as tough as I am sure that things were today and will be in the coming days, I am glad that things are now moving forward. Today is the day we were waiting for -- the beginning of Dad's return to health!

To all that have posted here your prayers, please accept my humble thanks on behalf of our family. We ask that you continue to hold Dad in your hearts, thoughts and prayers.


  1. Stay positive, the power of the mind and prayer can work miracles! I've thought of you often over the past month and always send a prayer your way.
    Jim Lipnos (old friend of Maggie's)

  2. Our prayers are with you Bill,it has been too long since we have seen each other and I am truly sorry this is how we now are communicating! Stay strong and stay positive, we will be thinking of you.
    Your friends from Ohio
    David, Nancy, Tara and Craig Waikem.

  3. Our prayers go out to you Bill. Stay strong and positive and the Lord will bring you through this. Flo from FP4H

  4. Dear Bill,

    I am a friend of Maggie from church and have been praying for God's strength to see you through this trial in your life. I'm so glad that He is surrounding you with the love and support of your beloved family and friends.

    "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13


    Sandy Wright

  5. Dear Mr. Smith,

    I was happy to get an update today and am glad that you have started the journey to make it to the 30% club. We are by your side with you in spirit even if we live miles away. Distance can't separate all of our feelings and positive wishes for you.

    Everything is crossed and hoping that the desired results come of these treatments.

    With continued positive thoughts for you,


  6. "The LORD will guide you continually, And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your bones; You shall be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail" Is. 58:11 Praying for you!
    Kim (Larry's sister)

  7. Dear Mr. Smith,
    My family's prayers are for you to have a quick recovery and to stay strong during all the treatments. The Lord will pull you through this when you rely on Him.
    His Blessings!
    Steve Burgess & family

  8. Prayers continue for you, your family and for all your caregivers, that they are blessed with the answers that lead to healing. Many blessings ... Joan LaBelle

  9. Hello Again, Bill. Through Maggie we keep current on your progress and are aware of specific prayer requests. May God richly bless her for this ongoing act of love for you. We are with you in spirit with many prayers at this very difficult time.We know that God and His Angels are surrounding you every day, administering comfort and healing to you.We pray for successful tumor shrinking with minimal discomfort as your treatment proceeds.We know that you are tough and strong, surrounded by love and prayers from everywhere. You are a good fighter and we are all rooting for you and praying for your recovery.Blessings, Mary Lou and Bob Landes (Maggie's in-laws)

  10. My dear business partner of whom I've learned to enjoy immensely. ... You have one week down as of tonight. You did it! 5 to go. That first week was long and hard and new and tiring, but its over. Done. Finished. Through! And you took it like a trouper...the way we always thought you would....
    Now the weekend: two days of rest that no one will bother you. Enjoy your weekends. Do something you never visit the lake and sit and watch the water (its calming and soothing) some comedies (laughter is proven for healing)...go to a drive in with Susan (Mayfield has one still)....or work on RonWear...LOL
    Then, come Monday, get mad. Get fired up. Get aggressive....go into that second week of treatment with a vengeance: cancer will NOT rule your life! YOU are in control and will fight this bad boy til YOU come out the victor! (not the victim!).....Sit in that treatment room with that classy jogging suit on, looking like Dean Martin on his best day, and know that every day in treatment means you are that much closer to the cure! Every crappy day will mean 2 great days of health down the road cause this is the storm before the calm. Sit back in that chair, and visualize the chemo treatment going to your lungs, lymph and esophagus and killing those little cancer rats...just like those bug lights kill mosquitos~! In fact HEAR them go ZAP!!!!! when they get em. (visualization like this proves to it)....
    And in 5 short, quick days, its the weekend, and you can relax again in the peace of knowing 2 weeks have already passed. You're a third of the way there.
    When you live to be 96 years old, know that out of 96 years, which equates to 4,992 weeks---6 weeks of that 4,992 weeks helped get you to 96. That's .0012% of your life. POINT zero zero one two percent.....
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!
    (or I'll kick your ass--not the illness!)

    Love ya Willy boy...prayers continue daily
    keep your Padre Pio Rosary with you. It works. He heals.

  11. LOVE YOU, Deb!! Listen to her Dad!!!

  12. dear bill,
    you and all on this team bill blog and around the world are in my thoughts and prayers.
    the power of this can over come and support you your body your mind.listen to some music read some and we will all pray together.
    love to you and all your peeps
    jodi schaff

  13. We have never met but you will be in my prayers each day. I have a list of people that I pray for each day and I will put your name right up on top. I will also contact several prayer chains up here in New York and add your name.

  14. Best wishes as you fight through this, my prayers are with you as well as your support team. Have strength, have courage, and have faith you will beat this. Every thought, word, and action you have during this time is an inspiration to others around you. God bless!

    Christie Denk
    (friend of Deb Stanzak :)

  15. Bill hugs and love. Whatever you need we are here for you and Susan. Melanie and Bruce White

  16. My prayers are with you for strength, courage and positive attitude. Keep the faith and the fight. I have truly witnessed the power of prayer. God Bless You

    Donna Judson
    (friend of Deb Stanzak)

  17. Know that you are thought of and prayed for! You have a community of people who care about you!God will continue to bless you and see you through!Prayers and blessings!

    sue sposit
    (Deb's friend)

  18. P.U.S.H -- Pray Until Something Happens!! A friend of Deb's

  19. Prayers, happy thoughts and positive healing energy to you, Bill!!
    Kathryn (from Fathom)

  20. Love you Uncle Bill!
    Continually praying for your strength, faith and healing :)

  21. praying for you bill each day
    love to all jodi

  22. Our prayers and positive thoughts are with you ...we are sending extra love and support to you now that your treatment has started! We look forward to seeing you again on your next visit to San Juan! You can do have amazing love surrounding you! With you and Susan...and all of your family! Love Geoff, Sharon, Ella, Alida and Milan Sumich xoxo

  23. Four years ago, I sat down with my seven and 10 year old boys to let them know Mommy had breast cancer. I was going to lose all my hair, look different, feel different, not necessarily pitching baseball in the front yard...and of course, worst case scenario...assuring them they had my word I would do my very best to kick the big "Cs" heinie. It is four years later. My boys are 11 and 14. My hair is all the way down my back. My energy level is nearly 100%. My short-term memory not so great, but that could be "old age" Life is wonderful. God is good. I am so incredibly blessed.

    God chose you because you are special (at least that's what I elected to believe!! Smile.) You and your loved ones will draw closer, your community will become closer. More people will turn to God to pray for you and be closer to him as well.

    Through it all, I woke up with a smile each day stating Mother Theresa's quote, ""I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much."

    May you wake up with a smile each day. May you kick it's heinie all the way!!!
    God Bless you always!!

  24. Bill
    Hoping your are feeling well and the treatments are not too hard on you. Prayers are said daily for you. Hang in there and be tough. Hope to meet you next time I am in Ohio.
    Bless you many times!
    Kathy Miller

  25. GOOD Morning Bill! And a GOOD morning it is for you are that much closer to the defeat of your illness! Cancer is a bitch! I know this from my own experience with it. But when it was all said and done, I was the bigger bitch and kicked "it" to the curb!

    It all sucks, I know. will be victorious when it's all said and done because you will except no less. The doctors, the treatments, the prayers, the positive attitude will except no less!

    And those of us who have already run (and won) this bitchin' race? We are waiting at the finish line to congratulate you on your victory! Can't wait to see you!

    Karen ( your "work wife's" friend)

  26. Hi Bill. I simply want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight through all you are enduring. As we have discussed, I have a sister, father, and nephew who have recently or currently are beating this. As a fellow Miami "Redskin" I know you have what it takes to do the same. I look forward to raising a glass with you at the Shoreby to celebrate your victory!

    Jim & Debbie Puffenberger

  27. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way as you begin and continue through your treatment! Every day is just one step closer to healing...

  28. Thought about you a lot yesterday and sent many prayers...I know something positive is happening!
    Jim Lipnos

  29. You are so courageous and strong in the fight against cancer. With your son-in-law I race hundres of miles in Baja in the most demanding terrain, at times want to just pull over and quit. Those challenges are nothing compared to your race...your a hero in my book. Know that family, friends, and friends of friends are indeed pulling for you, cheering for you, and praying for you.

    Kevin Krasner

  30. Hi Bill-I met Jennie at church;I live in Waverly,but visit Rarden when I can.There are such good people there-Jennie is so sweet. I hope you do well & get better soon!