Monday, August 15, 2011

Today Was the Beginning

Sunday night, my little Willy boy went to bed very early. He was tired and wanted to rest up for the big day today -- waterworks at preschool. I could only think that my "big" Willy boy, Dad, would be going to bed (relatively) early as well to also get up early for his big day today.

Today Dad began his radiation and chemotherapy. It was a long, grueling day beginning at the crack of dawn for lab work, doctors meetings and then his radiation treatment followed by a full day of chemo. When I talked with him this evening, I could tell he was grateful to have one day under his belt and that he was happy to be home. Tomorrow he will make the trek once again to the Cleveland Clinic for more radiation and chemo and there are many more days and weeks of treatment to come. But as tough as I am sure that things were today and will be in the coming days, I am glad that things are now moving forward. Today is the day we were waiting for -- the beginning of Dad's return to health!

To all that have posted here your prayers, please accept my humble thanks on behalf of our family. We ask that you continue to hold Dad in your hearts, thoughts and prayers.